Daily Mail: How Russia plunged Ukraine into darkness: Satellite images show lights out across the country after Putin targeted energy stations in latest brutal barrage of missiles 

* Strikes on Wednesday disconnected three Ukrainian nuclear plants from the grid 

* This plunged the country into darkness as temperatures fell below freezing 

* Satellite images of Ukraine on November 24 showed a blacked-out nation 

* This offered a stark contrast to images from February 24, the day of the invasion 

* Cities that were once bright spots of light were dimmed or totally extinguished  

Remarkable satellite images have shown how Ukraine was plunged into almost complete darkness after Vladimir Putin targeted power stations in the latest brutal wave of missiles. 

Strikes on Wednesday left multiple people dead, disconnected three Ukrainian nuclear plants automatically from the national grid and even provoked blackouts in neighbouring Moldova, whose energy network is linked to Ukraine. 

Such attacks have forced millions of people to go without light, water or heating for hours or days at a time, just as outdoor temperatures fall below freezing.  

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WNU Editor: Yesterday was the first time since the start of the war that I was not able to contact anyone I know in Ukraine. From what I know these attacks were focused on critical parts of the grid, and it appears that Ukraine’s air defenses are no longer effective. 

What happened yesterday is definitely not a good sign on what will soon be coming.

I know that the Russian military is testing Ukraine’s grid vulnerabilities. And when they have pinpointed all the critical targets, will completely destroy them when they launch their major offensive that many are predicting will happen this winter. 

This expected massive attack to wipe out Ukraine’s power grid for weeks, if not for months, will be my red flag that Russia has started their major offensive.