“Ivan” for Borderland Beat 

Members of the Mexican Army arrested a man who was transporting 400 kilograms of possible cocaine hidden in a trailer loaded with boxes of bananas at the “El Mármol” toll booth in Mazatlán.

According to the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), the seizure of the drugs and the unit, as well as the arrest of the man, took place on Wednesday, January 11.

The institution stated that military personnel became aware of a drug shipment that was being carried out aboard a cargo vehicle while carrying out intelligence work to strengthen the rule of law in the country and detect criminal organizations with a presence in the state. 

As a result, the agents intensified their reconnaissance and prevention and security patrols, and managed to locate a person driving a tractor-trailer with the known characteristics in the vicinity of the tollbooth, for which reason they stopped him.

Upon inspection with the support of a canine binomial, approximately 400 kilograms of a substance with cocaine-like characteristics hidden inside cardboard boxes simulating bananas were located and secured.

The detainee and the seized goods were handed over to the competent authorities so that investigations and expert actions could be carried out to determine the illegality of the aforementioned acts, as well as the participation of the detainee, and if necessary, to determine his legal situation and confirm the type and quantity of drugs.