Last Updated on March 1, 2023


Nationally-syndicated news host Stew Peters is slamming GOP establishment Speaker Kevin McCarthy for refusing to hand more than 40,000 hours of unreleased January 6th security footage over to the American People as promised. Instead, McCarthy has exclusively given the footage, which is said to expose police brutality and federal provocateurs, to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Kevin McCarthy is covering up the narrative-busting evidence contained in the J6 tapes, which hold more than 40,000 hours of US Capitol security footage taken on the day of the January 6th, 2021 protests against election fraud, Stew Peters said in his broadcast, calling for the free and open release of the footage to the American People.

In releasing the tapes exclusively to Tucker Carlson and Fox News, McCarthy is “actively participating in a coverup,” says Peters, ensuring that the footage will never fully be seen, and ensuring that uni-party bosses, along with Fox News media oligarchs, can shape the information they release to the people to their own mutual benefit.

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And it’s obvious why McCarthy would choose Fox News as the destination for the footage, Peters explained to the audience. If the footage was released to someone else, or to the public in general, McCarthy wouldn’t have control over it.

“If Speaker McCarthy turned over these tapes to the Stew Peters Network, we would release them immediately in their entirety and allow the viewing public to reach the relevant conclusions,” Peters said of the J6 tapes in a recent broadcast.

Peters was joined in the broadcast by J6 political prisoner Andrew Taake, who could be exonerated by the footage McCarthy is refusing to release.

“I don’t trust Fox one bit,” Taake told Peters, adding that while he trusts Tucker Carlson more than he trusts the Fox network, he has no faith that the J6 footage will actually make it to the American People.

Watch the Stew Peters Show segment on the J6 tapes and McCarthy’s coverup below:

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