In June, Hunter Biden appeared in family court to testify that his finances were limited and that he didn’t have a steady income. At issue was the amount of child support he would have to pay to Lunden Roberts, the mother of his latest child. Originally, the court had ordered a payment of $20,000 a month, but by the time the renegotiation was over, Hunter Biden only owed $5,000 a month. 

That’s the setup for the latest bit of news surrounding the president’s troubled son. While he dramatically lowered payments to a daughter he’s essentially disowned (including legally denying her the use of his last name), Hunter Biden apparently has enough money to afford a glamorous new pad, priced at the low, low price of $15,800 a month.

Four California homes in four years – Hunter Biden is on the move again.

The beleaguered First Son and his wife Melissa Cohen have moved into a new $15,800-per-month Malibu pad, can reveal.

This is Hunter Biden’s first lavish property. His last rental clocked in at $20,000 a month. Speculation was that he was looking to downgrade because of his mounting legal bills, but I’m not sure $15,800 a month really counts as much of a downgrade. 

The obvious question is where Hunter Biden is getting so much money from, especially when he just told a judge a couple of months ago that he didn’t even have a steady income and couldn’t afford his child support payments. His aptly nicknamed “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, has long been thought to be footing most of the bills, and it’s likely he’s still involved. What Morris is receiving in return for his “charity” is anyone’s guess.

Long story short, from Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings, where the Chinese and Russians shower him and his family with cash, to the outrageous amounts his amateur paintings have supposedly sold for, nothing about his finances makes any sense.  

There’s more, though, and it involves your money. Because Hunter Biden demands Secret Service protection, taxpayers get to pay for a $ 16,000-a-month house across the street. 

While Hunter will be paying from his own pocket for his home, at a total of $189,600 for the year, taxpayers will be footing the $16,000-a-month bill for the Secret Service’s property  

Remember when the national press used to freak out about the amount it would cost the Secret Service to secure a residence near Donald Trump? I haven’t heard a peep about how much Hunter Biden’s protection is costing. I’m sure it’s just an oversight. 

Regardless, I wonder what the judge is thinking who bought Hunter Biden’s story that he was cash-poor. Better yet, I wonder what Lunden Roberts is thinking. She’s got to feel like she got taken for a ride here. It’s probably best we don’t find out, though. The child in the middle of all this has been through enough.