As we have reported, Fani Willis is in the middle of an election race, running again for Fulton County District Attorney. 

She blew off a debate the other day, forcing her Democratic primary opponent to appear against an empty podium, perhaps a fitting description of her candidacy. 


You would think that with all the drama she has caused and the attendant scandal, that it might be hard to find anyone who would come out on her behalf. But some members of the clergy came out to endorse her on Monday, appearing with her at the Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta. 

My colleague Bob Hoge wrote earlier about her comments regarding the Georgia Senate probe into alleged misuse of funds. She indicated that she wasn’t going to respond to a request from the Senate Committee to appear so that puts her in danger of being subpoenaed, and if she doesn’t comply potential contempt. 

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But in addition to Willis’ ridiculously entitled response to that question, there was at least one other moment that went completely off the tracks when it came to her. That was a comment from Rev. Anthony Motley. 

Motley started out saying he was so “honored” to stand with this “incredible district attorney,” calling her a “courageous woman.” Then he completely went off the rails. 


He compared her to “Queen Esther of old” and said she has “come into the kingdom at such a time as God has handpicked her for this moment.” He said that “all the resources of hell” had been made available to “this man” from Florida [appearing to refer to former President Donald Trump]. He then cited Al Sharpton [a man who has caused all kinds of harmful division] to say there was not any redeeming quality in Trump and he was “saturated with evil.” 

He said they stood with Willis because “she stands for what’s right.” 

Motley argued that they stood with her because “she is going to represent Christ and the Kingdom” and against “lies.” Did he check her testimony during the hearing about whether to boot her and/or Nathan Wade from the Trump case? 

Perhaps one of the funniest parts was when he said that she “walked humbly with our God.” 

“God is with you,” he said. “The angelic army is with you…Your name will go down in the annals of history, both in heaven and on earth.”

I can’t imagine anyone for whom that would be less accurate than her. She is the very antithesis of humility. And just excuse me, Reverend, but where is it written that one shall have an affair with a married man and then be caught on that during her testimony, with what the judge referred to as the “odor of mendacity”? That doesn’t quite sound like God is walking with her on that path. 


Then, she doesn’t even bother to show up to a debate to answer some of these big questions that were raised by her actions, so she treats the public with disdain. Comparing her to Queen Esther is an insult to Esther. 

If anyone is the “victim” in this whole scenario, it’s Trump. 

“Workplace romances are as American as apple pie,” Nathan Wade said about the relationship in an interview with ABC on Sunday. Is it as American as apple pie to have an affair when you’re married? Never mind the questions of conflicts and other issues that could arise because of those relationships. He left that part out.