Last Updated on February 22, 2023


Comedian Tom Green unleashed an epic truther commentary on the Internet regarding the World War III that is brewing and the deceptive practices of the globalist establishment in power. Green rose to fame with his generation-defining MTV comedy show and he has been a consistent force for independent media content, hosting an Internet talk show at his house that pioneered web content. Perhaps now Green’s righteous punditry on world affairs can make him a relevant figure in the Truther community as America desperately seeks real unfiltered content in a world of deception and lies.

Green believes that recent Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) disclosures are a distraction from pressing topics such as the derailed train in Ohio that created an environmental crisis and also the potentiality of a World War III sparked by the United States government, Russia, Ukraine, and China. Clearly, Green is paying attention to real information and not merely the corrupted propaganda of the mainstream corporate media.

Tom Green vaulted to fame as a Canadian cable access broadcaster and then vaulted to superstardom in 1999 when his Tom Green Show was picked up by the MTV cable network in the United States. His show was bold and hilarious, with Green annoying people in everyday situations and sparking outlandish hatred against him from some of the people he interacted with.

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Tom Green’s MTV show  tapped into a special kind of sentiment among millennials, who related to Green’s conflict against the status quo. At the pinnacle of his comedy success, he hosted Saturday Night Live, married actress Drew Barrymore, appeared in several mainstream movies, and directed a film called Freddy Got Fingered that earned a rare zero-star review from critic Roger Ebert but has gained a cult following over the years for its unabashed portrayal of youth disenfranchisement.

Green’s Internet talk show Tom Green’s House Tonight helped to move his audience into the Internet-exclusive age, and he popped up on the Celebrity Apprentice and in a Comedy Central standup bit about how he was fired from Celebrity Apprentice. For millennials who grew up on Green, he will always remain a vaunted figure in the history of comedy. Maybe now he can expand into profound commentary to embolden his comedic stylings. A generation of disaffected suburbanites would certainly embrace such a comeback.