“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

A 19-year-old woman was arrested by authorities of the municipality of Tonalá, Jalisco, for the crime of transporting human remains in a bag inside a car.
According to local media, municipal and military police officers on a security patrol in the Pinar de las Palomas neighborhood were informed that several people were allegedly abducted inside a house.
Upon arriving at the indicated place, the security officers observed a 2020 Kia Rio vehicle, with Mexico City license plates, which upon noticing the police presence fled at full speed.
At that site, the police noticed the presence of several people carrying long and short firearms, they entered the farm and arrested 6 people.
The members of the alleged criminal group were identified as Ranfer A, 23, Alexis Adrián R, 19, Aarón F, 21, José Alberto C, 29, Adonis Jesús U, 27, and Salvador O, 21.
These subjects were seized 5 long weapons, 3 short weapons, 7 vests with CJNG acronyms, several sets of handcuffs, torture boards, a machete, as well as several bags with marijuana and synthetic drugs.
While this was happening, a patrol car with Tonalá municipal agents began the pursuit of the Rio vehicle, which culminated at the intersection of Zalatitán Avenue and Prolongación Gigantes, in the Basilio Badillo neighborhood, achieving the arrest of Johana Jocelin M, 19 years old.
Marcos R, 18, and Roberto Emmanuel S., 23, were detained a few meters away from where the woman was apprehended and got out of the car, leaving their accomplice behind.
During a precautionary search of the car, the uniformed officers found two black bags containing human remains in the trunk.
Preliminary reports indicated that only the woman had been detained during this operation, but as the hours went by the secrecy diminished and it was learned that nine more people, among them another female, had been placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
The detainees were taken to the State Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation.
In recent days, the participation of women in high impact crimes has increased in the state of Jalisco, authorities are alert to this fact.
Last week two women were indicted for the crime of femicide.
Intersection of Prolongación Gigantes and Zalatitán Avenue
Tonalá, Jalisco
Basilio Badillo neighborhood 
Tonalá, Jalisco
Tonalá, Jalisco