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Criminal groups clash in downtown Tuzantla in the early morning hours

During the early hours of Thursday morning, antagonistic criminal groups had a confrontation in the center of Tuzantla, in which vehicles and houses were also burned.

It was reported that at approximately 4:00 a.m., high-powered gunshots began to be fired in the municipality, where residents alerted the authorities.

Elements of the Civil Guard, National Guard, and the Army arrived at the scene and found a house that had been burned, as well as several vehicles inside.

A municipal police patrol car was also located with several bullet impacts.

Although no fatalities have been reported so far following the confrontation between alleged members of two antagonistic criminal groups, it was reported that vehicles were set on fire on the highway to Huetamo near the town of Ceiba de Trujillo as they fled.

It was also reported that following the violence, several schools in Tuzantla decided to suspend educational activities until further notice.

Contra Muro