U.S. moves to put Marines on commercial ships to stop Iranian seizures © Sgt. Matthew Romonoyske-Bean/U.S. Marine Corps  

Washington Post: U.S. moves to put Marines on commercial ships to stop Iranian seizures 

The U.S. military is readying plans to embark armed Marines and sailors aboard the commercial ships of interested private companies after a spate of vessel seizures by Iranian forces in the Middle East, officials said Thursday, a remarkable escalation that could put Washington and Tehran in direct confrontation. 

The effort has not yet received final approval, but it has buy-in from senior Biden administration officials and could commence as soon as this month, said one official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive military planning. 

Marines from Camp Lejeune, N.C., have been flown to Bahrain and received related training, with additional personnel due to arrive soon aboard American warships. “We have a cohort on the ground,” the official said. He added that the “policy decision has pretty much been made.”  

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WNU Editor: It looks like the U.S. and Iran are on a collision course to an armed confrontation on the seas. 

U.S. To Deploy Sailors And Marines On Commercial Ships To Stop Iranian Seizures  

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