An ATACMS, a surface-to-surface missile, is fired during a joint military training between U.S. and South Korea at an unidentified location in South Korea, June 6, 2022  

Daily Mail: Ukraine expects tank deal will lead to West delivering long-range missiles capable of striking Russian supply lines as Zelensky begs for more heavy weaponry – but angry Kremlin brands increased UK, German and US aid to Kyiv ‘extremely dangerous’ 

* ‘We must open deliveries of long range missiles to Ukraine,’ Zelensky declared 

* He also called on NATO countries to send jets to beef up Ukraine’s air superiority 

Ukrainian officials last night said they expect Western allies to provide their armed forces with long-range missiles after the UK, US, Germany and several other nations all agreed to send battalions of tanks long sought by Kyiv. 

Presidential advisor Mikhailo Podolyak told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Right now we are seeing a sharp change in sentiment among the political elites of European countries… we will reach, I am sure, no doubt, an agreement on long-range missiles.’ 

In a devastating blow to the Kremlin, nine countries joined Britain yesterday in agreeing to send tanks to destroy Russia’s forces in eastern Ukraine. The coalition came together just 48 hours after Boris Johnson’s rallying cry in the Daily Mail, imploring the UK’s allies to end their dithering.  

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WNU editor: I think the decision has already been made in Washington and elsewhere to send long-range missiles to Ukraine. This is why Ukraine Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak was hinting that Russia’s cities are going to be attacked soon …. Ukraine Presidential Adviser Hints That There Will Be Attacks On Major Russian Cities (January 25, 2023). 

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