Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats since the start of the war with Ukraine have sent chills around the world © Mikhail KLIMENTYEV / SPUTNIK/AFP/File 

Daily Mail: Russia puts its strategic nuke forces on highest alert and carries out large-scale exercises in attempt to use ‘nuclear blackmail’ to weaken Western support for Ukraine 

* Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence warns Russia is escalating its nuclear threat 

* They claim the threat is being used to break foreign support at a crucial point 

Russia is attempting to use its nuclear threat to weaken international support for Ukraine, according to Kyiv intelligence. 

The official Ukrainian Ministry of Defence reported via Telegram that Russia has started large-scale exercises involving its strategic nuclear forces, stationed for launch by air, land and sea, and put its units on the highest alert. 

The post, shared on Sunday, warned that Russia was planning to use ‘blunt nuclear blackmail’ to weaken foreign support and to stop Joe Biden’s visit to Europe this week.  

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Update #1: Putin ‘puts nuke forces on highest alert level & activates chilling Monolith combat system’ as Biden visits Kyiv (The SUN)

Update #2: Putin puts Russia’s nuclear forces on alert, cites sanctions (Arab News)  

WNU Editor: The source is from Ukraine’s intelligence services. That is probably the reason why many Western main stream news media outlets (with the exception of the tabloids) are not carrying this story.