CNN: Exclusive: US Air Force fires leaders for failing nuclear safety inspection 

Two US Air Force commanders and four of their subordinates at a key nuclear base in North Dakota were relieved of duty this week after their units failed an inspection designed to ensure that the nuclear weapons stockpile is safe and secure at all times, two defense officials told CNN. 

The removals occurred at Minot Air Force Base, which is the only Air Force installation that houses two legs of the “nuclear triad” – ballistic missile silos and strategic bombers. 

The officials told CNN that the six service members were relieved of duty following the failed nuclear surety inspection at the base. The nuclear surety inspection is a pass/fail test and the results are classified. 

There is no indication that the failed inspection was related to the handling of a nuclear weapon itself. Another defense official said the failure was for “non-compliance vehicle and equipment safety inspections.”  

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 Update #1: Six leaders fired from Air Force nuclear base in North Dakota (Air Force Times)

Update #2: Air Force relieves 2 commanders, 4 leaders at North Dakota nuclear bomber, missile base (FOX News).  

WNU Editor: The way these firings were handled makes me wonder if there is some psychological vetting happening within the US Air Force right now??