Last Updated on March 7, 2023


JJ Reddick triggered fellow NBA veteran and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins on air when he called out his anti-white racism and the phony, anti-white narratives advanced by ESPN on a regular basis after Perkins claimed that NBA MVP award voters are racist due to their acknowledgment of white player Nikola Jokic’s achievements.

JJ Reddick called out Kendrick Perkins for his overt anti-whiteness on Tuesday’s episode of the ESPN program First Take. The clash, which prompted a screaming session and on-air meltdown from Kendrick Perkins, came roughly a week after Perkins first accused NBA MVP voters of racism, a point he’s reinforced several times in his recent ESPN appearances.

According to Perkins, white MVP voters have a track record of supporting white players for the MVP award who don’t score as many points as black players. Perkins claimed that this is due to racism, and not due to other performance factors and other basketball stats.

Nikola Jokic, the 2023 frontrunner for the award, also won the MVP in 2021 and 2022, and it should be noted that prior to his 2021 award, the last white player to be named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player was Dirk Nowitzki, in 2007.

After Perkins’s gripes about the manufactured issue of MVP voter racism, JJ Reddick called him out, in a clip that’s quickly gone viral online. The on-air confrontation was the culmination of a back-and-forth that took place over several days, as Reddick and Perkins each appeared on multiple separate ESPN segments, but never at the same time, before finally colliding on Tuesday.

“What we’ve just witnessed is the problem with this show,” said JJ Reddick. “Where we create narratives that do not exist in reality.”

“The implication, what you are implying [is] that the white voters that vote on NBA are racist, they favor white people, you just said that,” Reddick told Perkins, as Perkins began screaming over him, and as Stephen A. Smith, a usually vocal host of First Take, sat silently.

“I stated the facts! I stated the facts!” shouted Perkins.

“We all know what you implied the other day,” Reddick responded.

Watch the video below:

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