Last Updated on March 13, 2023


Nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters is calling out establishment broadcaster Mark Levin and his colleagues over their plans to hold a constitutional convention supported by George Soros that will rewrite America’s founding document. The constitutional convention business is big money, reports Peters, detailing the tens of millions of dollars that have been routed into the coffers of convention proponents.

Notable supporters of a new constitutional convention include talk show host Mark Levin and Mark Meckler, the former CEO of the failed Parler social media app. America First patriots and other conservatives, including the John Birch Society, have vehemently opposed a new constitutional convention for years, and now the opposition to the re-write session is picking up steam, as convention backers claim they’re close to opening America’s founding document up to complete and total revision.

In order to initiate a convention, two-thirds of states are required to call for it. According to the Convention of States, a pro-constitutional convention group, a total of 19 states have officially done so thus far, while multiple others are considering legislation to officially sign on to the proposed convention.

“Who do you trust to create a better constitution?” Stew Peters asked his audience as he tore into the constitutional convention plans of George Soros, Mark Levin, and others. “Our founders 250 years ago or the American People of today?”

“Here’s the truth,” Peters went on. “A national constitutional convention is the dream of radical, communist, Marxist, leftists. The ones that Mark Levin pretends to oppose.”

“Right now, amending the constitution is hard. Most of the pieces in the Constitution favor us. But a national convention can get around all of those limits. They can propose absolutely anything that they want,” Peters explained, adding that America’s Constitution could be completely rewritten after a single majority vote at a national convention, followed by a quick vote of approval by state legislatures.

“There is zero guarantee that everybody at this convention would be a Christian conservative,” Peters said, explaining that left-wing states like New York, Illinois, and California could stack the convention with anti-American radicals.

“And if left-wingers get a majority at this convention, it’s all over. You’ll get a brand new, shiny constitution with direct election of the President, a constitutional right to abortion and gay marriage and transgenderism, and legally enshrined anti-White racism,” said Peters.

“They could get everything that they want in one single decisive blow.”

Peters was joined in his segment exposing the constitutional convention sham by Evan Mulch, of the John Birch Society, who explained that the group that’s spent decades fighting the communist infiltration of America is now taking a leading role in standing up against the constitutional convention agenda.

Watch the full Stew Peters Show segment below: