Last Updated on February 19, 2023

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ridiculed the Biden administration on his show Friday.

Carlson attacked President Joe Biden for mandating that every federal agency establish an “agency equity team within their respective agencies to coordinate the implementation of equity initiatives.”

These equity teams will place the government “in opposition to a very specific slice of the American population.”

“Every single person in the United States will qualify for one of Joe Biden’s many protected categories except straight white men. So we’re all in this together except those guys who are on the outs. It’s all of us versus them,” Carlson exclaimed.

“Straight white men, they will not be protected because they are, by virtue of being straight and white and male, the cause of the problem. They’re the enemy,” the longtime Fox News host continued.

“But if you’re one of them [a straight white male, you may wonder, Wait, I’m working half the year for the government, which takes my money and then uses it to demonize me and disenfranchise me from a government I thought I was an equal owner of,’” Carlson added.

Carlson went on to question why straight white American men ought to pay taxes in Biden’s America.

“We’re all citizens, but I still pay half my income to people who hate me? Why would I do that?” he suggested heterosexual white American men are asking.

“Someday we’ll all pause long enough to wonder how this could have happened in a country that claims to love the Civil Rights Movement and build monuments to it,” Carlson said dramatically before lambasting the Biden administration for possessing a slew of LGBTQ members within it, mentioning the lesbian press secretary Katrine Jean-Pierre, Ben Labolt, a gay communications director, and Rachel Levine, the transgender health official, and Pete Buttigieg, the gay head of transportation.

Watch Carlson’s segment here:

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President Biden released an executive order Thursday which seeks to “Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government.”

All federal agencies must create their woke agency equity teams within 30 days.

The full executive order can be read here.

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