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Space.com: Virgin Orbit rocket suffers anomaly during 1st launch from UK  

The launch from Spaceport Cornwall in England did not go as planned. 

NEWQUAY, U.K. — The first-ever orbital mission to lift off from the United Kingdom did not go as planned. 

That flight, the “Start Me Up” mission by Virgin Orbit, started out well enough. The company’s carrier plane, known as Cosmic Girl, lifted off from Spaceport Cornwall here on schedule Monday (Jan. 9) at 5:02 p.m. EST (2202 GMT).  

Cosmic Girl dropped Virgin Orbit’s 70-foot-long (21 meters) LauncherOne rocket at 6:09 p.m. EST (2309 GMT), while the plane was off Ireland’s southwest coast. The rocket’s first stage did its job, and LauncherOne’s two stages separated as planned about 3.5 minutes after the drop.  

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WNU editor: When you fail at something there is only one thing that you must then do. You learn what went wrong, and you try again. 

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