Images of a stratospheric, long-endurance airship, said to have been taken near Subic Bay in the northern Philippines, were shared on social media. Photo: Facebook

SCMP: Mystery airship spotted over Philippines near South China Sea 

* Images of an unidentified craft near Subic Bay have sparked speculation it could have been collecting military intelligence 

*There is no evidence the airship was from China, though its design appears similar to types on display at the Zhuhai air show 

An unidentified high-altitude, long-endurance airship spotted near a former US naval base in the Philippines has raised concerns that some countries in the region are using stratospheric airships to collect military intelligence. 

Images of the stratospheric airship – allegedly taken in Pangasinan province, about 100km (62 miles) from Subic Bay in the northern Philippine island of Luzon – were first posted on Facebook last weekend. The pictures were deleted, but not before they were also shared on Twitter.  

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WNU Editor: Something is definitely flying up there. 

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