I don’t know about you, but whenever I want solid political analysis, the first authoritative source I look to is ABC’s “The View.” Renowned political pundits Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, of course, provide all the incisiveness and intellectual clarity a person could ask for.


In the slim chance that they don’t give me everything I’m looking for, Sarah Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin are sure to fill in the occasion gap — with a periodic assist from the always brilliant Ana Navarro.

Wednesday’s episode was a prime example.

Sunny wondered aloud:

I think the (House) Republicans if I’m right can only lose one vote, right, at this point, and so they really need to do the work of the people. That’s what they were sent in to do.

Hang on. When Democrats say “the work of the people,” they mean the work of the Democrat Party. 

Anyway, that was all that den mother Whoopi needed to let her brilliant political acumen shine.

These little snowflaky people, they’re the people who said, you know, ‘Oh, you can’t take it, huh? You can’t take the heat?’ I’m discovering that most of the folks on the other side are the snowflakes. They’re the ones that are afraid of information. 

They’re the ones who are afraid of history. It’s not us, it’s y’all. Y’all are afraid that what’s happening is happening without you and it shouldn’t be, but you’re letting it happen. You’re letting all of these decisions be made without you being taken seriously. No one is taking you people seriously and you should be worried about it.


It almost brings a tear to your eye, right? I mean, either from laughing til you cry or getting a bit sad in reaction to the depth of Whoopi’s idiotic hypocrisy.

As a bonus, Joy jumped in with her gem of the show:

Why are they in bed with the Russians? I mean, we grew up … when if you were pro-Russian in any way, you were hauled before the HUAC [House Un-American Activity Committee] committee and your life was ruined and you were blacklisted. Now all of a sudden these people are all about the Russians.

All about the Russians, you say? Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff were unavailable for comment.

Brilliant, huh?

The Bottom Line

We’re often asked (or chided about) why we “waste time” reporting on “The View” and its characters, MSNBC’s race-hustling host, Joy Reid, or other shows or on-air personalities of similar ilk, which is a legitimate question. 


The answer is, while the aforementioned cast of characters might not be newsworthy, the nonsense they bring to the table often is – from the perspective that viewers who watch nonsense like this generally agree with nonsense like this. 

In that respect alone, it never hurts, and often helps, to have a handle on your opponents’ beliefs. 


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