New York City commuters trying to get home Friday night after concluding their workweek might find themselves stuck on a stalled train car after pro-terrorist demonstrators decided they should hold a rally there.


According to a citizen journalist, delays are expected as an MTA conductor stopped the train, demanding that the protestors leave. The video, uploaded to social media, shows the group, who carried signs aboard, chanting and saying that they had paid their fare and were refusing to get off the train.

Preliminary reporting gives little indication about the location of the incident, but we do know that police have responded to disruptive passengers at 96th Street, although it is unclear if this is the train involving the pro-Palestine group.


Inconviencicing commuters by causing a delay that potentially requires police response is not a good way to garner public support for a cause. While NYC colleges, namely Columbia University, have recently become a focal point of violence, encampments, and hostile building takeovers in support of Hamas in Gaza, New Yorkers must be feeling pretty fed up with the theatrics. Not only have the protestors disrupted education on the campuses and caused unsafe environments for Jewish students but now, ordinary working Americans are subjected to their public tantrums. 

While tent cities popped up as copycat encampments across the nation, this incident raises concern regarding whether illegal traffic blockades will become the new flavor of the week in protestville. A summer of frustrating working people will not help the Democrats at the ballot box come November. 

More concerning is that major segments of the protestors on college campuses were found by New York City authorities to not be students or affiliated with higher education institutions. 

As RedState previously reported:

City Hall released a report on Thursday evening detailing the arrests made during the campus protests at Columbia and City College of New York. The report showed that individuals labeled as “unaffiliated” with these schools, referred to by NYC Mayor Eric Adams as “agitators,” made up about 30 percent of the 112 occupiers arrested at Columbia and 60 percent of those arrested at City College.


The idea that these are protests limited to college campuses and students is just an incorrect notion. There are much more sinister affiliations at play under the guise of student protests. 

This is a developing story RedState will continue to monitor. 

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