Joshua Keating, Grid: The unexpected ‘winners’ of the war in Ukraine: The people, companies and countries that have benefited from the turmoil 

The chaos of war has created political and economic windfalls for some. 

The losses from a year of war in Ukraine have been almost incalculable. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers have been killed, millions have been displaced, large portions of the country are under a brutal Russian occupation and the country’s infrastructure has been shattered. The war has contributed to a global food and energy crisis that has plunged many of the world’s most vulnerable people into a state of desperation. Hundreds of thousands of young Russian men have been sent off to fight in what some feel is a pointless and self-defeating war — and whatever they may feel, it’s a war from which many won’t return. The Kremlin’s rule has become far more brutal and autocratic, and hopes of peaceful coexistence between Russia and the West have been dashed for the foreseeable future.  

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WNU Editor: It is too early to say who are the unexpected ‘winners’ From the war in Ukraine. A lot can happen in the next few months.