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This article was translated and reposted from LOS NOTICIERISTAS 


Mexico City – Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, lashed out at the DEA after issuing an opinion on the reform of the Judicial Branch, stating that organized crime would nominate judges and ministers with such changes.
In Wednesday’s morning conference from the National Palace, López Obrador questioned: “Who is the DEA to put their spoon in our affairs”.
“I believe that their point of view is taken into account, but they should act prudently, because Mexico is an independent country and to put it colloquially, but with all due respect, who are they to decide on matters that correspond to Mexicans? Who authorized them to stick their spoon in our affairs?” he accused.
The Mexican president indicated that it is as if he were complaining about why Genero García Luna, former Mexican Secretary of Public Security guilty of drug trafficking in the U.S., has not been sentenced.
It is as if I were to give an opinion on why they are not informing about the extension of the deadlines to judge García Luna, after they have been dragging their feet for I don’t know how long and dragging their feet, but it is not my place to get involved in that, they have their own procedures,” he said.
López Obrador asked the U.S. agency to be “more prudent, more respectful” for the matters that correspond to Mexicans.
And we say it in a good way, as friends,” said the Mexican president.
What did the DEA say about the Judicial Branch reform?
It was the national daily El Universal who reported that the DEA circulated an internal document that the election of judges and ministers by popular vote, the main initiative of the reform to the Judicial Branch, would open the door for Mexican cartels to nominate their lawyers as candidates.
“The 13 cartels that dominate the Mexican Republic are preparing to take local judiciaries by storm,” it was reported.