Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said an April 12, 2014 email to one of HB’s business partners closely resembles documents issued by the State Department

Hunter and Joe Biden

According to the Senator, a Hunter Biden laptop email regarding Ukraine from 2014 looks ‘suspiciously’ like it could have come from classified State Department information – specifically, the kind it issues to members of the Senate when they are traveling abroad.

Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said the April 12, 2014 message to one of Hunter’s business partners:

“…reads like one of those scene-setters — highly detailed information in terms of Ukraine,” Johnson told Fox News on Tuesday.

That email, from Hunter to Devon Archer – who, in February of 2022, was sentenced to over a year in prison for his role in a scam to bilk a Native American tribe out of some $60 million dollars – includes a granular 22-point memo the junior Biden described as his “thoughts after doing some research.”


Those “thoughts” include the predictions that Petro Poroshenko would be elected Ukraine’s president the following month and that:

“…some sort of decentralization will likely occur in the East.”

Senator Johnson believes that Hunter Biden email about Ukraine may very well have been derived from secret information that was improperly shared with him – ostensibly from his father, the then Vice President of the United States.

An excerpt from the reads:

“If it doesn’t the Russians will continue to escalate there [sic] destabilization campaign, which could lead to a full-scale takeover of the eastern region most critically Donetsk,” Hunter Biden wrote. “The strategic value is to create a land bridge for RU[ssia] to Crimea.”

The 1,300-word email, which was by far the most detailed oriented and long-winded document found on the abandoned laptop, also referred to an upcoming trip to Ukraine by then-Vice President Joe Biden and appeared to acknowledge the older Biden’s penchant for gaffes.

“The announcement of my guys [sic] upcoming travels should be characterized as part of our advice and thinking — but what he will say and do is out of our hands,” Hunter Biden wrote. “In other words it could be a really good thing or it could end up creating too great an expectation. We need to temper expectations regarding that visit.”

The email from Hunter to Devon Archer includes a 22-point memo the junior Biden described as his:

“..thoughts after doing some research.”

Johnson noted that the email was written at the same time “when Devon Archer and Hunter Biden were trying to get on the board of [Ukrainian energy company] Burisma and get their $3, $4 million worth of payday trying to prove their worth.”

“Three days later, Vice President Biden meets with Devon Archer in the White House,” he said. “Then [Joe Biden] goes to Ukraine and is listed as the face of the Obama administration in Ukraine.”

“It’s obvious Hunter Biden is selling access to information,” Johnson added. “Does that have anything to do with some of the classified documents Vice President Biden was squirreling away in his residence? I don’t know, but it looks incredibly suspicious.”

Ultimately, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were both named to the Burisma board of directors, with Hunter getting paid as much as $83,000 a month — equivalent to $1 million a year in American dollars— despite having no experience in the energy industry, according to the information stored on his now-infamous laptop.

Hunter’s 1,300-word email to Archer also referenced an upcoming trip to Ukraine by then-Vice President Joe Biden.

It is also interesting to note that Hunter’s Burisma salary was dramatically slashed after Biden left office and Hunter Biden resigned from the board altogether in April of 2019. According to him, his resignation was due to his business dealings beginning to complicate his father’s bid for the White House.

Johnson, along with fellow Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), has been investigating Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings, had this to add:

“We’re starting to stitch together this sordid story of sleaze and corruption.”

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