“Ivan” for Borderland Beat 

Members of the Secretariat of the Navy located and dismantled four clandestine laboratories in the towns of Sanalona and Amatán, belonging to the municipality of Culiacán.

In the “narco laboratories”, the marines found approximately a little more than one ton of “cristal” in the process of drying and 9.7 tons of precursor chemical mass in the process of cooking, and that the Navy estimates that due to the production method, the amount of precursor found, and adding the drug in the drying process, would produce an approximate of 7.04 tons of methamphetamine, commonly known as “cristal”.

In the clandestine laboratories, 15 reactors, 32 condensers, 20 burners, approximately 3 thousand liters of acetone, 7 thousand 800 liters of dual-use substances, 2 thousand 600 kilograms of other chemicals and 400 liters of phenylacetic acid were also seized.

The Semar informed that after their location, the laboratories, chemical precursors and other material were dismantled.