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This article was translated and reposted from Noroeste 

The formation of a sinkhole in Bahía del Carmen street, at the corner of Libramiento Colosio, exposed the fuel ‘milking’ pipes to a main line.

MAZATLAN _ At least nine clandestine connections to Pemex pipelines were found this Tuesday on Bahia del Carmen street, near the Libramiento Luis Donaldo Colosio, in Colonia Rincon de Urias.

Pemex personnel in coordination with the Mexican Army and the National Guard made the discovery.

It was reported that it was during the morning of this Tuesday that due to the appearance of a sinkhole on Bahia del Carmen street.

Authorities went to the place but realized that the smell of fuel was coming out of the well, so they proceeded to report it to Pemex, who in turn sent personnel to the place.

Elements of the Mexican Army, the National Guard and Pemex’s Strategic Safeguard guarded the area.

Specialized Pemex personnel checked the sinkhole and realized that there were several pipes connected to the main line located on Libramiento Colosio, so they carried out work to disable the “milking” of the pipelines.

Dozens of clandestine pipelines have been located in this area, even in the neighborhood across the street, Colonia Niños Héroes.

Source: Noroeste