A video of a mother in China comforting her daughter with a hug and kisses after the girl asked why she was not as beautiful as her mother has touched hearts on mainland social media.

The unidentified daughter from Zhejiang province in eastern China lacked confidence in her appearance and asked why she looked different to her “pretty” mother and younger sister earlier this month, news outlet Wucheng Rongmei reported.

In the video taken from a surveillance camera in the grocery store run by the mother, the pair are standing next to a cashier as the daughter opens the conversation about her looks.

The girl starts a conversation with her mother in the grocery store she runs and talks about her insecurities over her appearance. Photo: Douyin

“Are you my mum?” the daughter asked.

Her mother looked at her and said: “Why do you ask that?”

“Why do I look ugly while you are beautiful?” the daughter replied.


The girl’s mother laughed gently in surprise, but her daughter continued, mentioning that people often praised her mother and younger sister for their pretty faces.

“No one ever compliments me or says that I look good,” the daughter said.

Her mother burst into laughter before turning silent and considering her daughter’s comments.

“It proves that I look average, even a bit ugly,” added the girl.


With a big smile, the mother gazed at her daughter, who stared back at her mother with a serious but apprehensive expression.

The smiling mother, without answering, holds her daughter’s face, kisses and comforts her in the video. Photo: Douyin

“What’s the meaning of ugly? It means that someone looks awful,” said the daughter, her voice rising with emotion.


The girl’s mother laughed again and, without saying a word, leaned towards her daughter, grabbed her face gently, and showered her in hugs and kisses.

At the time of writing, the heartwarming story has received 95,000 likes and 17,000 comments on Douyin.

One person said: “Oh, poor girl, don’t worry. You will look better and better.”


Another, who said she had a similar experience as a mother, said: “My daughter also asked me this question, I told her the story of The Ugly Duckling.”

Stories about touching parent-children relationships often melt hearts on mainland social media.

Earlier this month, a young man in central China who spent 12 years caring for his severely disabled mother with ALS was praised online for his loving sacrifice.