Beriev A-50U Mainstay. (Russian MoD)

Warzone/The Drive: Claims Swirl Around Supposed Strike On Russian A-50 Radar Jet In Belarus  

One of Russia’s most prized military aircraft, an A-50 Mainstay, is claimed to have been struck at its forward base in Belarus. 

There has been quite the buzz this Sunday on social media about a supposed attack on a Russian A-50 Mainstay airborne early warning and control aircraft that is forward deployed to Machulishchy Air Base south of Minsk, in Belarus. 

We cannot confirm that this attack actually happened or the nature of the damage, if any, to the A-50 — the type has been a staple at the base throughout the war. But if it did occur, it would be a significant loss for the Russian Air Force and, depending on how it was carried out, it could be a sign of a developing front and what’s to come in the now year-old war. 

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WNU Editor: There are only 9 (now 8) A-50 Mainstay airborne early warning and control aircraft in the Russian fleet. On social media there are reports that another Belarus air base was attacked, and that there have been clashes on the Belarus – Ukraine border where one Belarusian soldier was killed.

Russian A-50 Mainstay Airborne Early Warning And Control Aircraft Attacked  

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