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The Guardian: Covid-19 likely came from lab leak, says news report citing US energy department 

Updated finding comes with ‘low confidence’ and is a departure from previous studies on how virus emerged, Wall Street Journal reports 

The virus that drove the Covid-19 pandemic most likely emerged from a laboratory leak but not as part of a weapons program, according to an updated and classified 2021 US energy department study provided to the White House and senior American lawmakers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. 

The department’s finding – a departure from previous studies on how the virus emerged – came in an update to a document from the office of National Intelligence director Avril Haines, the WSJ reported.

It follows a finding reportedly issued with “moderate confidence” by the FBI that the virus spread after leaking out of a Chinese laboratory.  

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WNU Editor: This updated and classified 2021 US energy department study joins the FBI in saying Covid came from a Chinese lab …. Energy Department Joins FBI In Supporting COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory: Report (Huffington Post). 

Remember all the condemnation that former President Trump received when he suggested the same thing. 

Update: WOW! National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan “can’t confirm or deny” the WSJ report on new intel that says Covid was leaked from a Chinese military bio research facility (see video below). 

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