Joe Biden seems to just keep getting worse and worse. 

He came back from Delaware on Monday, not arriving until almost 2 p.m., to make remarks for Jewish American Heritage Month. 


Let’s start with the good part. He really didn’t go to any length about his personal connection to the Jewish community as he usually does to any audience he’s speaking to. Usually, you would hear about all the time he spent at the temple. This time it was only this brief reference where he talked about his career and the Jewish people being involved in every civil rights “fright.” 

But then let’s get to what I think was the reason for that. I think he mostly stuck to the script because he was in truly bad shape, I think that’s why he cut short some of his ad-libbing. He was slurring and even more incoherent than he normally is, and his left eye looked like it was almost closed half the time he was speaking. 

The speech was only about ten minutes, but he barely got through it. 

He spoke about the people who were there including “Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is responsible for this occurring having sponsored this early on back when she was 12-years-old as a co—,” Biden said.

I think the “12-years-old” comment was supposed to be a joke, but again, it’s one of those weird things he says making adult women 12 years old. Not a good look. 


But then he just ended the sentence like that. When she was 12 years old as a what? He never said. I checked the full video and it just ends like the above. That’s how bad he was.

He spoke about having a “Medorah” at the White House when I think he meant a Menorah. 

But then it got worse. 

This was really bad. He was desperately trying to read the teleprompter but appeared completely lost. 

“The duwartment [department] has to investigate discriminatively and aggressively — discrimination aggressively,” he said. 

“That’s my Special Envoy to Monitor Cabinet Antisemitism Deborah, Deborah, you all… Is Deborah here?” Biden asked. 

What he was trying to say was “Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Deborah E. Lipstadt, but he wasn’t even capable of reading her name. 

But it got worse. 

He was slurring so badly at points he was barely comprehensible. Here he says that a hostage still being held by Hamas was in the Rose Garden with them. He does correct himself.

What made that moment even worse was that the hostage’s family was there and they had to hear what a mess Biden was saying and know their loved one’s safety might in part depend on the hands of this very confused and incoherent man. 


Biden kept saying his support of Israel was ironclad but it’s not ironclad when he keeps throwing them under the bus and halts weapons when they want to finish off the terrorists. It’s not ironclad when the Biden team offers condolences to Iran, the enemy of both Israel and the United States, on the death of their President, FM, and others in their delegation. Iran was behind Hamas who killed and kidnapped Americans. Why would be be saying anything other than “Hope your people will soon be free” as a response? 

I would note that he didn’t get a ton of claps when he made those comments, so I wondered if even the people invited who are likely supporters weren’t really buying what he was saying.  

Biden wrapped up his remarks after about ten minutes. He then gave a weird salute and again, appeared to shake hands with the air. He then seemed to beat it out of there without interacting with anyone else. 

How are they ever going to get this guy through a debate?


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