I wrote earlier about how Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t seem to be sufficiently chastened by the results of the election, even though they are at this point quite likely to have just lost the House and the Senate.

Biden refused to admit that he needed to change anything or that he’d done anything wrong when asked by a reporter what he thought about more than 70 percent of Americans thinking the country was heading in the wrong direction.

But when they aren’t sufficiently called out of their bad moves, they think they can continue them. Biden said something about Elon Musk that was just incredibly wrong and scary. He was asked by a reporter if he thought Elon Musk was a “threat” to “national security” and if should he investigate Musk’s “joint acquisition of Twitter” with foreign governments like the Saudis.

This is where the media thinks they can go with a Democrat like Joe Biden in office who will go along with their worst excesses to take out someone with whom they disagree. Musk’s crime? Not being a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat who would control Twitter to help their narrative. Twitter already had the Saudis invested in it. No one seemed to give a darn about that. Now, suddenly, it’s something that should be investigated. Funny, how they weren’t bothered by the Saudi involvement — when liberals controlled it. At one point, the Saudis were even trying to block or speaking against Musk’s acquisition. Reporters didn’t seem to have an issue with that. So it isn’t like Musk had any relationship of great concern, but it sounds like an excuse to go after him.

Now, the proper response should be that we don’t investigate people because they are political opponents or the media. But of course, that isn’t what Biden said. Biden gave an evil laugh, and then seemed to carefully word what he had to say. But it still worked out to a “yes” that it was “worthy of being looked at.”

Imagine if President Donald Trump had said something like this. We’d never hear the end of “the assault on media” and the “fascism.” Biden is effectively dictating action against a person who recommended that people vote for Republicans for Congress.

Notice also that Biden is checking notes in answer to that question. How would he know they were going to ask that, which one would have to think is a very out-of-line question? The answer is he knew ahead of time. So this wasn’t just a horrible answer, it was a thought-out answer — meant to chill speech and send a message that not acting in line with the narrative is something that could have consequences. This should concern everyone about what’s being said here. If he can do it to the richest man in the world, he can do it to anyone else.

How ironic that answer is also because if there’s anyone whose foreign government connections need investigation and are a threat to national security, it’s Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden.

Mike Collins who just won his race for the House in Georgia (10th District) responded to Biden saying that there were a “few things (people)” that the next Congress would be taking a look into and they weren’t going to be starting with Elon.

I’m just guessing that’s a message to Biden, but the GOP needs to do more like it and stop these fascist actions.

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