Joe Biden had a busy day. He had two whole things on his public schedule on Monday: two photo-op sessions with two leaders. That’s a lot for Biden, who usually has only one event or nothing at all. He’s more like hardly working than working hard. Add to that the fact that he spends about 40 percent of his time on vacation, generally in Delaware. 


His first meeting on Monday was the photo-op with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shyaa Al-Sudani. Biden had to rely on a cheat sheet, but even with that, he was having trouble, slurring through his remarks. Then, Biden rudely checked his watch while the prime minister was talking. Biden staffers didn’t want him to answer any questions, so they tossed out all the reporters once the two leaders finished their remarks. 

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Then, in the afternoon, Biden met with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala.

But that’s when Biden had a bit of a problem with the country of the leader he was meeting with. What country was that, Joe? 

Biden was reading directly from notes, not even looking at Fiala. That’s so pathetic that they have to keep trying to put him out there like and he keeps embarrassing himself with all of this. When Biden did look up for a moment, that’s when he goofed up. Biden said to the Czech leader that he can’t tell him how much he appreciates “the support of the people of Czechoslovakia.” Then, he quickly corrected himself, saying, “The Czech Republic.” 


Czechoslovakia dissolved Jan. 1, 1993, separating into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. That was more than 30 years ago. Although perhaps for Joe Biden, that’s like yesterday. 

Heck, Joe Biden forgot what century he was in last week, thinking he was in the 20th Century. So I think his brain was there, just stuck back in the 1990s. Not a good look when you can’t get straight the name of the country with whose leader you are talking. What must Fiala have thought with that? At least Biden didn’t check his watch with him as he did with the Iraqi leader.  

Then Biden ignored the questions of the reporters as he had earlier in the day with the Iraqi leader, as the staff proceeded to throw the reporters out of the room again. 

“Keep moving!” the staff yelled, as Biden just stared off into space. They know that they can’t risk him getting into trouble by trying to answer questions. 



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