China’s Defense Budget 2019-2023. Graphic:Global Times 

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Daily Mail: China increases its military budget by 7.1% – $230BN – to ’boost combat preparedness’ for ‘major tasks’ amid fears it will launch an invasion of Taiwan 

* China plunges $230bn into its military budget to ‘boost combat preparedness’ 

* It reverses a two-decade trend where China has prioritized growth over defense 

* Concerns are mounting that China is set to launch an invasion of Taiwan 

China announced it will boost its military budget by nearly $230 billion this year amid concerns it will launch an invasion of Taiwan. 

The money is set to ‘boost combat preparedness and enhance military capabilities,’ claimed Premier Li Keqiang ahead of a draft budget presented to the National People’s Congress in Beijing. 

It means China’s military spending will grow at its fastest pace in four years and take up a larger share of its economy, marking the reversal of a two-decade trend which has seen the nation prioritize growth over its military capabilities.  

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