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Politico: Macron lays out ‘new era’ for France’s reduced presence in Africa  

France will significantly reduce its military presence in Africa, where its bases will be ‘co-administered’ with local army forces, the president said. 

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Monday for his country to build “a new, balanced relationship” with Africa, as the former colonial power seeks to reduce its military presence on the continent. 

“The objective of this new era is to deploy our security presence in a partnership-based approach,” Macron said in a speech in Paris, ahead of a tour that will take him to Gabon, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo later this week. 

In the future, French military bases on the continent will be “co-administered” with local personnel, the French president said, while there will be a “visible decrease” in the number of French troops stationed in Africa over the next few months.  

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WNU Editor: Not a good trip for the French President. The French military is being told to leave in numerous countries, and even though he is vowing a new era of no interference …. Macron vows era of French interference in Africa is over (RFI), he was met with skepticism. A skepticism that is justified as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni explains in the video below:

Update #3: When all else fails, blame Russia …. How Moscow chased France out of Africa (Politico).