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Asia Times: ‘White lungs’ scare Chinese and their travel hosts 

Authorities abroad gird up for Covid policy relaxations’ complications that many in China also hadn’t foreseen 

More places, including Taiwan and the United States, have reintroduced Covid test requirements for people coming from mainland China after the health department in Italy said about half of the newly-arrived Chinese travelers tested positive. 

 Other countries such as the United Kingdom, the Philippines and South Korea said they were considering launching similar rules as they were worried that new Covid strains could have emerged amid China’s large-scale virus infections. 

Chinese medical experts said about 5% of those who sought treatment at hospitals and clinics had pneumonia; most of them could fully recover, but a few would die within days. Authorities warned that both elderly and young Covid patients could have serious pneumonia if they should fail to seek medical treatments in an early stage.  

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