Senate Intelligence Committee Hears Testimony On Worldwide Threats To The U.S.  

Insider: Putin thinks ‘Ukraine matters more to him’ than to the West and that he’ll eventually win his disastrous war, CIA chief warns 

* Putin is playing the long game in Ukraine, according to CIA chief Bill Burns. 

* “He’s convinced that he can make time work for him,” Burns told House lawmakers. 

* Putin still thinks he can win, Burns said, even though the war has been disastrous for Russia. 

Between heavy casualties on the battlefield and crippling economic sanctions, the war in Ukraine has been disastrous for Russia. But CIA Director Bill Burns said that Russian President Vladimir Putin remains convinced he can win the fight because he believes that time is on his side. 

“I think he’s doubling down,” Burns, a former US ambassador to Russia, said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday. “I believe he’s convinced that he can make time work for him, that he can grind down the Ukrainians through this war of attrition, that he can wear down Western supporters of Ukraine.”  

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WNU Editor: The CIA Director is right. I do not see President Biden focused on Ukraine as much as President Putin is focused on the war. And there is a precedent that Putin will play the long game. Putin was Russian President for the second Chechen war, and that war lasted 9 years.