Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Ron DeSantis showed his true uniparty colors at Wednesday’s GOP debate. The Florida Governor supported Mike Pence’s actions on J6 and was hesitant when asked if he would support Trump if Trump were the nominee. DeSantis’ actions should come as no surprise as NationalFile has reported in detail DeSanits’ true globalist nature.

During the debate, Pence asked DeSantis if he supported his decision to count the votes on January 6th. The Florida Governor answered Pence’s question saying, ““Mike did his duty, I got no beef with him.”

DeSanits’ answer on J6 should come as no suprise. In December of 2020, DeSantis met with Fox Corp President ‎Rupert Murdoch. During the meeting Murdoch informed DeSantis that Fox News would be backing his 2024 run. DeSantis banked on Pence, turning his back on Trump.

One of the most disturbing parts of the debate came when Bret Baier asked the candidates if they would support Trump if he is the GOP nominee. Baier asked the candidates to raise their hand if they would. Following the question, DeSantis looked around the stage to see if other candidates would raise their hand. The Florida Governor did not raise his hand until other candidates on the debate stage did. DeSantis was the 5th candidate to raise his hand on the stage.

DeSantis’ answer on supporting Trump should come as no surprise as some of Ron’s biggest donors and supporters, like Ken Griffin and Paul Ryan, are never Trump globalists.

Donald Trump commented on DeSantis’ debate performance, writing on TruthSocial, “DeSanctimonious was a “BOMB” tonight, especially with his softball interview with Sean Hannity. This guy has totally forgotten his past. Who cares!?!?”

Trump also pointed out that he received more votes than DeSantis in Florida, writing, ” Ron DeSanctimonious is always talking about the number of votes he got in Florida. He doesn’t say that I got a record 1.1 Million more votes than him. He forgot!!!”

DeSantis’s debate performance on Wednesday made clear that Ron is no friend of the America First Movement.