Devon Archer painted Democrats into a corner on Monday after he testified that Joe Biden had been put on the phone with Hunter Biden’s business partners dozens of times. That directly contradicted past proclamations by the president that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings and had never even discussed them with him.

The revelation was so stunning that not even The New York Times could cover it up any longer, with the gray lady instead choosing to admit Biden lied while attempting clean-up in the aftermath. On the other hand, Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill chose another path.

Let’s begin with a few examples to set the stage. One is directly from the White House while another is from a Democrat source who was in the room during Archer’s testimony.

Notice the framing they are moving forward with. It essentially boils down to the idea that Joe Biden was getting on the phone with Hunter Biden’s business partners for no particular reason at all. You know, just as normal people do. I mean, I can’t count the number of times I’ve jumped on the phone during a business meeting without having any idea what the business meeting is about or why my presence is even necessary.

Of course, that’s sarcasm on my part. That’s simply not a thing anybody does. Absolutely no one gets on the phone dozens of times with foreign business partners while having not the slightest clue what service they are providing by doing so.

Democrats are keen to keep insulting your intelligence, though. As RedState reported, Rep. Dan Goldman spoke to the press following Archer’s testimony and offered a variety of laugh-track-worthy excuses.

You see, they were just talking about the weather, as high-level government officials are known to do on business calls with foreign entities.

Meanwhile, the rest of us all know what this was. It’s obvious that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden had a  partnership where the former would get on the phone to bolster the latter’s claim of having influence in Washington, which is exactly what the two of them were selling. Then the “big guy,” as mentioned in emails as receiving money, would get his cut for doing his part (Archer testified that the “big guy” was indeed Joe Biden).

There was no “illusion of access.” It was actual access, as evidenced by the fact that Biden was literally on the phone. Imagine if these facts existed surrounding a major Republican politician. Do you think Goldman would be offering suppositions that they were just talking about the weather?

Remember back in the 1990s when Bill Clinton admitted to smoking weed (something scandalous for a politician back then) but claimed he never inhaled? That’s what the Democrat messaging strategy on Joe Biden has come down to. They are now forced to admit that the current president was on the phone during Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, but instead of just being honest with the American people, they have resurrected the “he didn’t inhale” excuse.