Dubai, July 29: Leading global car rental firm and the Dubai-incubated Finalrentals added Jordan this week to its atlas of world-class destinations for providing transport services to locals and tourists.

Jordan became the company’s 32nd country where FinalRentals will now have a presence, after the fastest growing car rental network reached the shores of Greece last month. “This signifies our commitment to offering quality, yet affordable car rental services to travellers exploring the landscapes and cultural treasures of the region,” said Ammar Akhtar, the CEO and Founder of FinalRentals, who spent his formative years in Dubai and is now being funded by British entities, DevBanc of Wales and Fuel Ventures.

“We are now building on our successful expansion into the vibrant Balkans and South Europe market by bringing our top-notch car rental services to customers in yet another dynamic and growing region like this through Jordan,” said Akhtar as he aims to expand his platform’s range to 100 countries by September 2025. “Our expansion into Jordan reflects our dedication to offering unmatched services in every corner of the globe.”

With two airports serving arrivals in Amman, one of the oldest inhabited cities especially in the Arab world, tourists can look forward to drive around the city before embarking on a road trip of 200 kilometres to the iconic ‘Rose City’ Petra or further south to Wadi Rum (285kms) or the beaches around the nearby Dead Sea. Home to more than 100,000 archaeological and tourist sites and possessing one of the best network of road and infrastructure, Jordan is an ideal destination to take out the car and enjoy the best that the country has to offer.

With the establishment of a master franchise in Jordan, FinalRentals will provide an unparalleled driving experience throughout the country. Travellers can embark on their own unique journeys and create unforgettable memories in the heart of the Middle East through the innovative platform conceived just before Covid-19 pandemic in Dubai.

For now Jordan is the next stop for the globe-trotting Akhtar. “Jordan holds a timeless allure with its rich history and breathtaking vistas, and we are thrilled to be part of our customers’ extraordinary adventures in this remarkable country. And it is also so close to Dubai where I spent so much time and where this company was born,” he said.

Eye on Asia Pacific

Beyond the borders of the Middle East, FinalRentals has plans for the Asia Pacific and will be participating in ITB Asia, one of the region’s premier travel trade shows in Singapore, during October this year.

“We firmly believe that Asia Pacific holds tremendous potential for growth and is the next chapter in our story of global expansion,” added Akhtar. “ITB Asia presents a fantastic opportunity to engage with industry leaders, forge valuable partnerships, and share our passion for providing exceptional travel experiences.”

FinalRentals’ success is underpinned by its innovative business model and dedication to customer satisfaction, even amidst the challenges of the global pandemic. Customers can expect nothing less than top-notch service, personalised experiences, and the freedom to drive their own stories.