It’s not yet November, so elections may not be the first thing on your mind—yet they happened Tuesday evening in a number of primaries and in a special contest in Ohio to replace GOP Rep. Bill Johnson, who retired to become president of Youngstown State University.


Republican Michael Rulli, an Ohio state senator and small business owner who touts himself as a “big natural gas guy,” won that contest, easily defeating Dem Michael Kripchak 55-45 to slightly increase the House GOP majority by one—at least until November, when another election will take place. It looks like Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) just found a little more breathing room: 

Meanwhile, Trump-backed candidate and Purple Heart recipient Sam Brown cruised to victory in the Nevada GOP Senate primary, besting his opponent, former U.S. Ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunther 57-16.

The race was somewhat controversial, as both Brown and Gunther fought vigorously for the former president’s endorsement.

Trump Endorses Purple Heart Recipient Sam Brown in Crucial Nevada Senate Race

Political Power Play: Trump Announces ‘United’ Ticket,
Backs Sam Brown for Nevada’s Key Senate Seat


In South Carolina, incumbent Rep. Nancy Mace prevailed in the GOP primary: 

Rep. Nancy Mace has won the Republican primary for her House seat in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, fending off a challenger from within her own party, according to Decision Desk HQ. 

Mace defeated Catherine Templeton, avoiding a runoff and inching her campaign closer to securing another term in the lower chamber, even as she faced blowback from some members of her party.

She’s been facing some headwinds as of late, but nevertheless won by a hefty margin of 57-30.

The incumbent has long been favored to win reelection, but tough competition from Templeton and a third GOP candidate on the ballot made her path to the GOP nod less secure and raised the possibility of a runoff. 

Mace had the advantage of an endorsement from former President Trump, which came after she threw her support behind him even though she’s been critical of him in the past. Mace has defended the shift in her support, but her House race rivals have knocked her over it. 

Some criticized her for her vote to displace then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA):


She has also been facing broader backlash from within the GOP over her vote to oust ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), as well as over allegations of flip-flopping on key issues. Meanwhile, her Capitol Hill office has seen high turnover.

But for tonight, she’s the winner:

None of these results are particularly surprising or earth-shattering, nor will they change the fact that the Democrats control the White House and Senate. That being said, it’s a good day when the GOP adds one more member to its razor-thin House majority.

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