An F-35 Lightning II streaks across the sky while doing maneuvers to the Eglin Air Force Base runway. US Air Force photo/Samuel King Jr.  

Insider: A pilot training in one of America’s most expensive weapons systems ejected over South Carolina. Officials can’t find the F-35 he was flying. 

* A pilot ejected from his F-35B Lightning II jet following a “mishap” during a Sunday training flight. 

* While the pilot was unharmed, the jet was lost and has not yet been recovered by officials. 

* The F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program is the DOD’s most expensive at $1.7 trillion. 

An expensive F-35 jet has been lost somewhere in South Carolina following a training mishap. 

A Marine Corps pilot was flying one of the country’s most expensive fighters near Joint Base Charleston on Sunday afternoon when an unknown problem occurred, forcing the pilot to abandon the aircraft and eject. 

“We can confirm a mishap involving an F-35B Lightning II jet from Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron (VMFAT) 501 with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing,” a United States Marine Corps spokesperson told Insider. “The pilot safely ejected from the aircraft. We are currently still gathering more information and assessing the situation. The mishap will be under investigation.”  

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