Last Updated on November 23, 2022

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, Anthony Fauci is getting out of Government, and it might be just in time to help save humanity after his criminal insanity during the ‘COVID 19’ disaster- but don’t forget that was not Fauci’s first foray into damaging the American people.

And this isn’t the first time that Fauci was not allowed to be questioned about the misinformation he was pumping out to the public.

Fauci isn’t going to leave without conflict, and that is fitting considering the dangerous rouge he has been to our great American Republic. Check out how he had to have the clowns in the Biden Administration jump in to protect him during his final speech to the public from DC- all because an uncomfortable question was asked of him:

Fauci is the most highly-paid actor in DC, and he is treated as a fragile child who needs to be protected from the consequences of his actions. It is uncanny how no one allows Fauci to be tarnished as a result of his horrifying betrayal of Western medicine or of the American people.

Think about it.

There has never before been a better example of government evil, laziness and greed than ‘Dr.” Anthony Fauci, whose bad medicinal advice has been problematic since at least early 1980 when he screwed up the AIDS ‘epidemic’ and started the long-drawn, out process of obliterating public trust in public health.

The reporter who was scolded by the White House for asking Fauci a question- responded to how she was treated, and made a great point; no one is allowed to talk to the ‘little prince’:

Conservatives were on to Fauci’s leftist craziness back in the 1980s when he was at the National Institute of Health.

Consider this report by C Everette Koop, who investigated AIDS for President Ronald Regan in 1986 after years of Fauci’s medical insanity that caused untold misery.

Surgeon General Koop was an inspirational public health leader and a voice for frank and open conversation about HIV/AIDS when the disease was shrouded in fear and misinformation. Dr. Koop served as surgeon general from 1982 to 1989 under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

Koop wrote the following in 1986:

“Researchers were very cautious. For example, Tony Fauci, Director of AIDS Research at NIH, insisted we check out any study that didn’t seem to rule out the spread of AIDS by casual contact. But gradually, a convincing body of research led us to some critical conclusions. It was clear that in spite of all kinds of unsubstantiated claims about mosquitoes and toilet seats, AIDS could be transmitted in only four ways,

At an invitational meeting in July 2010 at Dartmouth Med School, it was clearly shown that the major
transmission of HIV in the previous year had been through ways: 1) through sexual contact, 2) through blood contact associated with IV drug use, 3) through pregnancy or delivery contact between an AIDS-infected mother and her infant, and 4) through transfused blood.”

How Washington DC didn’t know that Fauci was a lunatic after seeing what Fauci did to America during AIDS is highly suspicious, proving that the American people need to rise and demand better oversight over our elected civil servants.

And Fauci is responsible for the world’s reaction to COVID too- meaning he has created global disasters.

Look where we are today, as we face the ‘great re-set’ of our society because of another Fauci-led medical disaster for humanity. It is not just a simple accident; he was utterly wrong, and so many power brokers inconveniently trusted him- and profited off of his blunders.

During his last days- Fauci turned to the TV cameras to remind people to get the vaccines he had been pushing, and that happened when even the lapdog media reported on the inconsistencies between what Fauci said about the importance of those shots and what is actually happening to people as a result of those shots.

Even the leftist Washington Post is smacking downs Fauci’s advice.

That is a remarkable concession appearing in that WaPo article today:

“a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.”

The latest data shows that 58% of COVID-19 deaths in August 2022 were from people who were vaccinated or boosted. Based on past figures and the current trends, we can reasonably estimate that the number of vaccinated/boosted COVID-19 deaths will only rise. (In September 2021, the vaccinated accounted for 23% of COVID-19 deaths; in January/February 2022, the vaccinated were 42%.)

This is what happens when you rush ineffective and dangerous vaccines.

The FDA’s promises of efficacy – 91% for the Pfizer vaccine and 93% for the Moderna vaccine – were always based on hope, not data. So too were the promises of safety. At the time of the official approvals, both Pfizer and Moderna hadn’t submitted any type of long-term numbers on effectiveness. Their trials were polluted with the unblinding of participants and their safety studies are “ongoing.”

Now, we’re seeing efficacy numbers plummet within months of vaccination. The pandemic is of the vaccinated. The boosters? They’re to the benefit of the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies, as they mask the true problems with the two-shot vaccines.

Techno Fog reported on the announcement with more details:

Fauci is the same man who demanded school closures, inserted himself into the 2020 election by criticizing Trump’s COVID-19 response while complimenting China, and criticized Governor Ron DeSantis for reopening Florida’s schools.

All the while, Fauci was lying to the public about COVID-19 origins. In May of 2020, he told National Geographic that COVID-19 “could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated.”

What he didn’t tell us was that he and US government clients were sabotaging and shutting down research and fact-finding into the lab leak theory. What he didn’t say was that internal communications among himself and Francis Collins and Jeremy Farrar, revealed through a FOIA request by Jimmy Tobias, discussed “accidental lab passage in animals” and how the Wuhan lab was the “Wild West” and why the lab leak was a serious possibility.

So, the official government line is that Fauci must be believed. Why?

Really, what Fauci has done is so much worse than causing some harmful side effects or causing people to miss school and lose work.  People have died.  Many people have died, and we are just beginning to really understand the damage the Fauci-forced vaccines had on people because the White House and the media have been in cover-up mode for years, shaming people from doing any research.

Americans are sick of it all.

People around the globe, in a medical freedom movement, refuse to obey the Government and be silenced anymore. Just this week, a new Stew Peters production called ‘Died Suddenly’ is exposing the horrors of untimely deaths and getting a lot of interest.

According to researchers, the vaccines that Fauci and his teams have pushed on the poor American people have damaged trust in Western medicine and public health and have destroyed lives.

That is Fauci’s legacy, and he has a long time of getting treated like a King- by the US Taxpayer.  Whether or not Fauci will ever face any consequences remains to be seen. We are still at the point of trying to fine out what happened to humanity.

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