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Prosecutor’s Office goes against ‘Chapo,’ Genaro García, and Luis Cárdenas for “Fast and Furious”
The FGR obtained seven arrest warrants against criminals involved in the operation that sought to follow the arms trafficking route from the United States to Mexico. The Fast and Furious operation started in 2009 and was run by The ATF. 
The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) obtained seven arrest warrants against an equal number of people involved in the “Fast and Furious” operation, in past administrations.

According to federal authorities, among the people who were ordered to have an arrest warrant are the locked-up drug lord, ‘El Chapo’; the former head of the federal SSP, Genaro García Luna (currently on trial) and the former Federal Police official, Luis Cárdenas Palomino, among others.

“The Attorney General’s Office (FGR), obtained arrest warrants against seven people from a District Judge, for their participation in the case called Fast and Furious,” the agency said in a statement.

He said that the criminal conduct was aimed at illegally trafficking more than two thousand firearms from the United States to Mexico, with the supposed purpose of identifying its users “which is absolutely illegal and inadmissible.”

He specified that, in accordance with the investigations carried out by the United States Department of Justice, the necessary information was obtained to establish such illegal trafficking in firearms.

He indicated that these weapons were used in various blood crimes in the country, from 2009 to recent dates.

“We have been informed that the US authorities have been in charge of investigating and demarcating the responsibilities of the public servants of that country,” he said.

He added that in Mexico, and in accordance with its own investigation, as well as data acquired in previous investigations, it was possible to establish that the weapons were not only illegally introduced into the country, but have also been used in criminal acts, already investigated and prosecuted.

He pointed out that the investigation carried out by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office on Organized Crime (FEMDO), the alleged responsibility of some people could be established.

Among them, ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, Genaro García Luna and Luis Cárdenas Palomino, “who are held in high-security prisons, both in the United States and in Mexico.”

Finally, the FGR explained that as far as Genaro García Luna is concerned, there are already two more arrest warrants, issued by Mexican judges, which have motivated the request for his extradition to Mexican territory.

According to the records, the action consisted of allowing the sale and illegal trafficking of 2,500 firearms in the United States to members of criminal groups that brought them to Mexico.

The objective was to follow the arms trafficking route and identify criminal groups that participated in this illegal practice in Mexican territory. However, he lost track of the weapons.

In the end, it became known that many of these weapons were used to kill hundreds of people, including innocents and US agents, such as Jaime Zapata, killed on a road in San Luis Potosí.

Brian Terry was an elite BORTAC agent and was killed in a shootout with a weapon of Operation “Fast and Furious”.