Ben Shapiro starred in a Daily Wire video titled “Donald Trump Is A Liar” during the future President’s 2016 campaign, lecturing Christians on their support for Trump and parroting left-wing smears against him before monetizing his presidency.

The Daily Wire published the “Donald Trump Is A Liar” video, starring Ben Shapiro, to its Facebook page in February 2016, roughly five months after the publication was founded as a Never Trump alternative to Breitbart-style media.

In the video, which was released when the Never Trump movement was still going strong publicly within the GOP and its associated media circles, Shapiro lectures Christians on their support for Trump’s campaign and parrots left-wing talking points about Trump’s finances.

Published to Facebook and YouTube among other Big Tech platforms, the video raked in millions of views for Shapiro and The Daily Wire but has since been largely forgotten.

WATCH: Ben Shapiro Stars in “Donald Trump Is A Liar”

Despite Shapiro and The Daily Wire’s ardent Never Trumpism, Shapiro went on to rent his email list to the National Republican Senate Committee to sell pro-Trump merchandise in 2018, monetizing the presidency he had so opposed.

The emails, which had a “Ben Shapiro Report” letterhead complete with the phrase “CALL TO ACTION,” called on “fellow conservatives” to purchase t-shirts showing a map of the United States that read “If you live here, Trump is your President.”

Redesigned “Trump Is Your President” t-shirts are AVAILABLE NOW,” the email advertises.

“Claim one of these limited edition t-shirts before your reservation expires!”

Shapiro Trump Merch
The Ben Shapiro Report email selling pro-Trump merchandise for the NRCC – 2018

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After apparently feigning support for Trump in recent years, Shapiro has once again returned to the top of the Never Trump “conservative” media structure, recently claiming that the Republican Party is “cruising for a bruising” if it sticks with Trump in future elections.

When Shapiro left his job as editor-at-large at Breitbart in 2016, he blasted President Trump and Steve Bannon, calling them both “bullies,” and parrotted Michelle Fields’ phony claims that she’d been assaulted by the Trump campaign.

“Steve Bannon is a bully,” Shapiro whined. “And has sold out Andrew [Breitbart’s] mission in order to back another bully, Donald Trump,” he said, before accusing Bannon of turning Breitbart into “Trump’s personal Pravda” despite, at the same time, running The Daily Wire like a Never Trump Pravda.

Shapiro Politico

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