Last Updated on February 20, 2023

An NBC News segment from 1980 detailed what the media was claiming are the benefits of the chemtrails that are expelled from airplanes, telling viewers that chemtrails are “changing our weather for the better.”

While most anyone who speaks about chemtrails out loud in 2023 is derided as a “conspiracy theorist,” a resurfaced NBC News segment from more than 40 years ago touts the alleged benefits of the airplane-created clouds that NBC reporters and scientists said were changing the weather.

After describing the chemtrails as “long white lines” commonly seen in American skies as airplanes fly overhead, NBC reporter John Chancellor said that chemtrails are “changing our weather for the better,” launching a segment that consulted with experts on how chemtrails and their environmental side effects are “beneficial.”

Among other things, NBC reported in 1980, chemtrails are blocking out the sun to the supposed “benefit” of the agricultural industry, helping farmers avoid radical swings in temperature. Chemtrails are also trapping heat within the earth’s atmosphere during winter time, to the benefit of “city people,” claimed NBC News.

Of all places in the United States, the midwest, commonly called “flyover country” because of how many airplanes are traversing its skies as they travel from coast to coast and to cities in between, experiences the most chemtrails and chemtrail effects, NBC reported.

Chemtrails “may be a big reason why there are 30 fewer days of sunshine a year in the midwest now than there were in 1900,” reported NBC, casually reporting a rather alarming statistic, that the chemtrails are blocking out the sun to such an extent that the midwest is experiencing a full month less of daylight per year.

“Some day, weather researchers may be able to use jets on purpose, to change our weather,” the segment closed in saying.

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