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The Hong Kong Observatory is planning to issue a No 1 typhoon warning signal on Monday morning, with tropical cyclone Haikui set to come within 800km of the city.

The storm, hot on the heels of Typhoon Saola which brought the city to a standstill, is expected to move across the southern part of Taiwan on Sunday and towards the vicinity of the eastern coast of Guangdong to southern Fujian.

The Observatory on Sunday said: “But Haikui’s movement remains uncertain.”

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Hong Kong is still recovering from Saola, the most powerful storm to hit in five years, shutting down the city from Friday to Saturday afternoon and leaving fallen trees, rubbish-strewn streets and flooded coastal communities in its wake.

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Due to the influence of the outer subsiding air of Haikui, Hong Kong’s weather will be very hot, according to the Observatory.