Last Updated on January 2, 2023

In Hungary, mothers under the age of 30 will be exempt from paying income tax as part of the nation’s plan to increase its native birth rate. Hungary has instituted a number of pro-family policies in recent years as a number of its fellow EU nations have opted to tackle their population struggles with mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

“Hungary extends its family friendly policies: from Jan, women who become mothers before turning 30 will be exempt from paying personal income tax!” wrote Balázs Orbán, a member of the Hungarian parliament and President Viktor Orbán’s administration, wrote in a tweet.

Hungary has previously announced additional pro-family policies, including one that will exempt mothers who have at least four children from paying income tax for the rest of their lives. Working adults will also be exempt until the age of 25 in an effort to give them a hand in saving for starting their own families.

“According to the government’s calculations, tens of thousands of young mothers with an income could avail themselves of the possibility of tax exemption,” Hungary’s Secretary of State for Family Policy, Ágnes Hornung, told Breitbart News. “They are eligible not only for the new income tax exemption, but equally for all other forms of family support, including the family tax allowance, the baby expecting support [loan], and the childcare fee,” she added.

The tax break will be applied regardless of whether the mother is married or not and will last from the 12th week of pregnancy until the end of the year she turns 30. Hornung told Breitbart that the policy has a “dual goal” of “promoting the births of children” and “leave[ing] more money with families.”

Hungarian President Viktor Orbán has long been critical of the EU’s prioritization of immigration from African and Middle Eastern nations as opposed to growing the native birth rate.  “Hungarians see this in a different light. We do not need numbers, but Hungarian children,” he stated in 2019, adding that “immigration means surrender.”

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