President Putin visits the joint headquarters of military branches involved in the Ukraine operation. © Gavriil Grigorov / RIA Novosti 

RT: Putin holds top brass meeting on Ukraine  

The Russian president heard proposals on immediate and medium-term plans for the conflict  

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sat down with the country’s top military commanders to discuss the Ukraine conflict, the Kremlin revealed on Saturday. The agenda revolved around Moscow’s actions in the short and medium term.

According to the Kremlin’s readout of the meeting, “throughout Friday, the president worked at the joint headquarters of the military branches involved in the special military operation.” It did not provide details on where the meeting took place. 

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Update #1: Putin Meets Top Military Brass to Discuss Ukraine Strategy: Kremlin (Moscow Times)

Update #2: Putin sounds out military commanders on Ukraine (CNBC/Reuters) 

WNU Editor: The New York Times is correct. This is a rare visit by Putin to the Ukraine War Room …. Putin Makes Rare Visit to Ukraine War Headquarters (DNYUZ/New York Times). 

What this meeting signals to me is that the Generals have developed a plan, and they are briefing President Putin on what they want to do. Putin himself said that he had come to listen to his commanders’ proposals about the Russian military’s “short- and medium-term movements.” 

One more point. And I believe it is an important one. 

At the conclusion of this meeting I did not get the impression that Russia is preparing a large-scale ground offensive operation anytime soon.