Last Updated on March 11, 2023


The lawsuit against ACU and CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp that accuses him of pummeling the crotch of a Herschel Walker Senate campaign staffer also implicates his wife, Mercedes Schlapp, a longtime GOP media figure and Fox News contributor who herself has also chaired CPAC. The staffer, Carlton Huffman, detailed the accusations in an exclusive National File/Stew Peters Show interview, accusing Schlapp of groping him and “pummeling” his crotch.

Carlton Huffman, a former staffer for Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate campaign, accused Matt Schlapp weeks ago of groping him in a vehicle during the campaign, saying that Schlapp grabbed his crotch and “pummeled it.” Now, in the pending lawsuit against Schlapp, his wife Mercedes is also implicated. The CPAC couple is accused of using defamation as part of a conspiracy to suppress Huffman’s allegations against Matt Schlapp.

In the lawsuit, Mercedes Schlapp is accused alongside her husband of defamation and conspiracy over a coordinated campaign to falsely and personally attack and discredit Huffman.

Huffman mentioned attacks on his character from the Schlapps and company in his exclusive National File/Stew Peters Show interview.

“Instead of taking accountability for his actions, [Matt Schlapp] has instead chosen to go the route of defame and smear the accuser, rather than own up to the fact of this is something that he did,” Huffman said. “There was no attempt at an apology, no attempt at making it right in any way. Instead, he chose, as has been publicly reported, to insist that CPAC employees sign NDAs and that does not strike me as the behavior of an innocent man.”

The accusations against Schlapp were made by Huffman in real-time, who recorded an emotional video that he recorded in the immediate aftermath of the alleged assault.

Matt Schlapp “grabbed my junk and pummeled it, at length,” Huffman says in the video.

“I feel so f*ckin’ dirty…All I know is that I’m dealin’ with this.”

The accusations against Schlapp have led to scrutiny being applied to the financial backers of the ACU and CPAC, who have propped up Schlapp’s influence even as CPAC attendance and enthusiasm have waned among the GOP base. Among his most prominent financial backers is a dark money group funded by George Soros, the wife of Facebook oligarch Mark Zuckerberg, and the billionaire Koch Brothers.

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Watch National File and the Stew Peters Show’s exclusive interview with Matt Schlapp’s sexual assault accuser below: