Pace is working for India on this deck at the moment, so why not?

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Handscomb cuts, straight to point, no run.

Shami is coming over the wicket to Handscomb and he targets that off stump and is greeted with a straight bat, solid defence from Handscomb.

Three slips as Shami goes fuller and on the stumps. No run.

Handscomb defends outside off, good line from Shami, he’s really asking questions at the moment and there is just enough movement off the deck to keep the batters nervous about playing their shots against him.

Four! Nice shot that time Handscomb, a nice square cut to the boundary to backward point.

There are two catching fielders on the on side, a short mid on and short midwicket.

FOUR! Lovely shot square for yet another boundary, a nicely timed square drive and placed perfectly. Great shot.