Seriously though, not a great result in a World Cup where we’ve seen a narrowing of the gap betwen the heavyweights and the minnows.

A huge statement from Germany, though, and strengthening the case of people like me who think they’re the favourites here.

Here’s how Kate O’Halloran saw the game in Melbourne.

It took just 23 seconds for the dam wall to break.

For a half of football, Morocco held on gallantly. They may have trailed 0-2 at the break, but the underdogs had created a number of chances, and looked up for the fight.

Within just half a minute of the restart, however, Klara Buehl made a dangerous run on the left hand side, delivering an excellent, floating cross to the back post. 

It was Buehl herself who ended up converting the shot from 7m out, breaking Moroccan hearts, as well as their resistance. 

By the 48th minute, the world number two ranked side looked to be toying with their opponents. Brand was able to walk a ball up to the box, before she passed to Magull, who nonchalantly left it for Buehl. 

The midfielder’s powerful strike missed, careering into the right-hand post, but it kickstarted a series of relentless efforts on goal for which the Atlas Lionesses appeared to have no answer. 

Two own goals followed, the latter at first looking like a Popp hattrick. 

Then, as full-time approached, the ruthless Germans scored again, this time through substitute Lea Schueller.

In the end, the scoreline reflected the 70-place chasm between them; a contest between the world number 2 versus 72.