Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Anti-Trump establishment pollster Frank Luntz, who was once roommates with GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, reportedly likes to hang out at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with “super young boys.”

Journalist Mark Groubert explained the apparent fascination of close Kevin McCarthy associate Frank Luntz with “super young boys” on an episode of the America’s Untold Stories broadcast that aired earlier this year. According to Groubert, he has personally witnessed Luntz attending baseball games at Dodger Stadium with the youngsters.

As many will recall, Luntz was found a couple of years ago to have been renting out part of his $7,000 square foot penthouse apartment to the then-GOP House Leader and now-GOP House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy “happens to live with Frank Luntz, who I saw, just as a side note, numerous times at Dodger Stadium with young boys,” Mark Groubert explained on the broadcast, after calling McCarthy a “creepy weird dude.”

“Let me put it out there,” Groubert went on. “I just want to put it out there for the audience.”

Frank Luntz. Dodger Stadium. Young, not underage, but super young boys.”

What’s more, is that after Groubert revealed Luntz’s “young boy” companions, his co-host, Eric Hunley, reminded the audience that Luntz formerly worked for the Sackler Family, the infamous family that turned Purdue Pharma into an OxyContin empire by lying to the public for years, and claiming that the prescription pain drug, which has been widely compared to a “heroin pill,” is safe and non-addictive.

“Frank Luntz did a little bit of work for…the Sackler Family,” revealed Hunley.

“You know, [Luntz did] a lot of polling to show that ‘no, it’s really not addictive, polls say’.”

In response, Groubert compared Luntz’s work with the Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma to a war crime.

Hear about Frank Luntz’s “Super Young Boys” for yourself in the video clip below: 

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